Applied Science and Humanities

Applied science department has highly qualified, well experienced and dedicated staff members. Each staff member strives for excellence of each student, so that the students can cope up with university syllabus and competition in the world outside college premises. When student get admitted from higher secondary level to college level there are lot of changes in the curriculum. To cope up these changes, we appoint guardian faculty members to each division of first year, who take care of all needs and problems of students. Each staff continuously monitors student academic activities, so that they excel in their university examinations.
The department has been functioning independently since 2008. The department conducts courses for degree students in communication skills, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, and Applied Chemistry.

Prof. Swapnil Barde


  • Engineering Mechanics Lab
  • Language Lab
  • Applied Physics Lab
  • Applied Chemistry Lab
  • Computer Centre
  • Basic Electrical and Electronics Lab
  • Workshop
  • Engineering Drawing